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ACR AquaLink PLB Still Functioning After 16 Days Underwater

James Kastner recovered this ACR AquaLink PLB from his boat “Chompers” after the vessel sank during Hurricane Sandy. Despite being submerged inside the boat for 16 days, the AquaLink worked flawlessly after James turned it on and ran the self test. James said he was “amazed, but not surprised” and he thanked ACR “for making the best gear on earth!!” Thanks, James – this story is a testament to the great employees who make the ACR/Artex products!

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Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to all past and present members of the United States Armed Forces. ACR Artex products are proudly “Made in the U.S.A.” and many of our valued employees have served in the Armed Forces.

Here’s a Roll Call of current ACR Artex employees who are veterans:

Bass, Steven D.

Cox, William J.

Hoel, Robert M.

Horn, Richard W.

Horne, Andrew E.

Horton, David B.

Julason, Robert M.

Lowe, John

Martin, Teddy L.

Mason, Michael W.

Mercado, Luis A.

Monser, William L.

Morales, David A.

Omoruyi, Stan O.

Ryan, Jack

Severson, Justin L.

Smith, Alfred L.

Steward, Paul A.

Theil, Mitchell A.

Wagner, Jeffrey P.

……………………………Thanks to all for your service!

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ACR EPIRB Onboard HMS Bounty Outlives 48 Hour Specs


The following article appears courtesy of Ocean Navigator

“HMS Bounty EPIRB Outlives 48 Hour Specs”

By Tim Queeny

The ACR Satellite 2 406 EPIRB that was turned on at 9 pm on Sunday night by the crew of the tall ship Bounty was reportedly not recovered during the rescue operation. And at the time of this writing the EPIRB is floating in the Atlantic, still transmitting. The unit has outlived its Coast Guard 48 hour at -4° F specification for operation. This is perhaps one positive outcome of theBounty sinking: that you can trust an EPIRB (with a charged battery) to do its job of bringing rescuers to your position.

According to Mikele D’Arcangelo, Marketing Manager for ACR Electronics, Inc. and ARTEX, ACR aims for its products to outperform government specs. “ACR Electronics is in the business of saving lives and we are exacting, obsessive, serious and accurate in the engineering and manufacture of our products,” D’Arcangelo said. “We design our products to outperform any regulation set for us by government agencies.”

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