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Not only do Personal Locator Beacons Save Lives

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Not only do ACR Electronics, Inc. Personal Locator Beacons , continue to save lives but they can also assist police departments in apprehending burglars.

William Malloy of Bakersfield, California recently had his truck broken into. The burglar took approximately $5,000 dollars’ worth of William’s boating and outdoor gear, which included his ACR Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). Malloy immediately reported the stolen gear to the Bakersfield Police Department and the beacon, specifically, to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which the beacon was registered with.

A few days later, Malloy was contacted by the U.S. Air Force Response Coordinator and the California Emergency Management Agency and advised that someone had activated his Personal Locator Beacon. Both agencies were aware that the PLB had been reported as stolen with NOAA; however, they were serving due diligence and wanted to make sure Malloy had not recovered his PLB and activated it as the result of an emergency.

Through the agencies coordinated efforts, the ACR PLB successfully led law enforcement to the residence at which Malloy’s PLB was broadcasting from.  At this residence they not only retrieved Malloy’s boating and outdoor gear but they also found other victims possessions, which the thief had stolen.

Malloy commented, “Because the thief unwittingly activated my PLB, he was located and arrested, my out-of-pocket expenses were limited to the cost to replace the window of my vehicle (about $200, versus the approximate $5,000 it would have cost to replace all of my electronic items) and I will have no need to file a claim with my insurance company”. It is safe to say Malloy’s ACR personal locator beacon not only brought search and rescue directly to its exact location, but it also brought this burglar to justice.

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