The Science Of Survival

Mom to the Rescue

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Learn how one mom proactively took it upon herself to make sure her family’s boat was well prepared in case of an emergency.  The results…. 6 Lives Saved!!

ACR Survivorclub Billy Moody

“When I was shopping for EPIRB’s I remember reading all the features of each type and deciding that I did NOT want to be that person at home worrying for days on end about where my family might be while the Coastguard searched for them (A needle in a haystack). I wanted to make sure that if that day ever came I would not think “why did I not buy the better EPIRB”. Well that day came,” said Jeannette Moody talking about her son Billy Moody’s recent rescue off the coast of Florida.

“Those EPIRB’s are PRICELESS to me now. The entire situation could have turned bad fast had the Coastguard not found them as quickly as they did. I had gone through all the possible things that could happen at sea while deciding which devices to buy. The boat capsizing before anyone could call for help. This is why I bought the Global Fix Pro with Manual Release which would call for help when it got wet. And what if someone falls overboard but the boat does not sink, so I bought the ACR ResQLink+ which you wear around your waist. I had also placed a survival raft on board and remember asking my son as he was walking out the door “you know where the survival raft is?” As it turns out when they deployed the raft it too had an ACR EPIRB in it. WOW!!!”

“I have to tell you that when I originally got all these EPIRB’s my son (being 18 years old) told me that I had probably wasted my money. I told him at the time that I hoped I had wasted my money and that I hoped he never needed to use them. He thanked me when I picked him up from the Coastguard station that night.”

Read the complete first hand story from Jeannette at ACR Electronics SurvivorClub

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