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Get to know the RCL-100 Searchlight from ACR Electronics

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Walk through any marina and you will be surrounded by the RCL-100 Searchlight staring down at you. This robust searchlight is made of marine grade aluminum and is triple primed and sealed construction for years and years of worry free operation on your boat. Designed for medium-size sport yachts, sport fish and commercial vessels, the twin 55 watt halogen bulbs will light the way with over 200,000 candela to make operating your vessel at night much safer.

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Product Spotlight: RCL-75 Searchlight

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A great value for this rugged searchlight that puts out over 180,000 candela to light the way on your next voyage. Made of ASA UV protective plastic, the RCL-75 Searchlight is a reliable and value packed essential safety item that no boater should go without.

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